Magic You Can Do... At Home!

Nick from our Marketing Team and his son, Fin, aged 11, have been trying out their own magic tricks at home. Watch the video above to see Fin show us the secrets behind one of his favourite card tricks!

If you’re little ones are fascinated by magic and illusion make sure you catch ‘Magic You Can Do’, the show that unveils the secrets behind your favourite tricks, when you visit our resorts during the school holidays or term-time weekends.

Plus if you visit our Bognor Regis Resort you can also see our brand new 3D show Discover Magic. See above for a sneak peak at the secrets behind one of the tricks from the show as well as a video which tells you more about our exciting new 3D Discovery Studio at Bognor Regis.

What Do You Need?

For Fin’s card tricks you just need a pack of cards which can be picked up easily on the high street or on online. To give our cup and ball trick a try you’ll need a special magic set - you can buy these from most toy shops. If you visit our Bognor Regis resort this summer you can also pick one up from our Discovery Studio shop.

Find out more about Magic You Can Do and Discovery Studio